Tuesday, 26 April 2011


This blog is for Studio 012 at Netil House. I, Bonnie Baker, shall be blogging here. 

I originally wanted to do a fully video blog, editing together clips along with Adam and Joe/Chris Morris style sketches in between, however, and luckily, I have had too much work on to get to doing this!! 

Studio 012 consists of myself -Bonnie Makes Pictures-, Alex, with his clothing label The Drag Fiend Crew, and Kieran and Collin of punk band The Restarts.

Here is the first video style blog, which I posted on youtube soon after we moved in.

This blog will let you know of things we do as a studio.

There is an open day in the studio building Netil House on May 5th. We will be opening our doors to the public, and scouting for a new member to join us. 

On the same day, Alex and I will be exhibiting down the road at Resistance Gallery, here is a small video which summarises our work. 


So! Keep an eye on this blog for bits and pieces to do with Studio 012. 
Netil House, Hackney, London, E8 3RL

~Much Love~

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